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Medium Voltage Solutions

Medium Voltage Solutions

It is a range of elegant yet powerful, efficient and dynamic products, making it a more demanding in the market.

The name itself speaks of the voltage range from 300VDC to 600VDC. These products are agile and scalable, adapting to multidimensional change. 

Expanding its horizon to POWER and ENERGY business / industry sector through efficient application of multiple series and parallel combination suiting their requirement.

Product Features

  • Scalable output from 35kw to 518.4kW 

  • Intelligent system with inbuilt protection features.

  • Multi Level BMS Architecture for reliable operation.

  • Critical Power backup applications for 10min, 15min & 30mins.

  • Energy support for hassle free operation of small & large business/Industry

  • Ergonomic Design allowing placement in tight corners.

  • Wide operating temperature range -10 to 60degC, reducing the operational expenses.

  • Remotely accessible systems via RS-485, TCP/IP, & GPIO as per requirement.

Product Features
Medium Voltage Solutions
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