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Wind Turbines

High Voltage Solutions


Containerized Storage Solutions

OGO Energy BESS solution varying from Voltage range 350V to 1500VDC is based on an Integrated modular platform customized to meet and exceed the required power and energy capacity of the client’s application.

OGO’s BESS solutions allow for a Faster Installation, Easy integration, safe operations under controlled environmental conditions with an advanced safety system.

Our team’s passion & knowledge of handling modern technological advancements make our BESS systems more lucrative, rugged, reliable & ingeniously marvelous for small, medium and large-scale businesses with utility-scale storage systems and off-grid backup solutions.

BESS Applications 

  • Peak Shaving

  • Solar and Wind Smoothening

  • Ramp Rate Control

  • Voltage & Frequency Regulation (V/F Mode)

  • Active – Reactive Power Mode (P/Q Mode)

  • Energy Shifting (Time Based Energy Dispatch)

  • Spinning Reserve

  • Power Flow Optimisation

  • Forced Demand Management

  • Energy management with multi energy resources (Solar, Wind, CHP etc.)

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OGO provides its clients, the flexibility and dedication of experienced team making the perfect move to frame their dreams of energy network into reality. 

Our focused approach from end to end customer support makes ourself apart from our competitors and sets benchmark for others to compete. 







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