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Low Voltage Solutions

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Efficiently designed low voltage system is a focused combination of power output & energy density, Our Low voltage compact product range provides the maximum generation giving an edge to the customers for reliability in the fast growing Industry.

The solution minimizes the customer's gray areas of traditional lead acid batteries method to newly developed Li-ion batteries with voltage range from 12V to 96VDC with high cycle life, a very low maintenance requirements, 3 times lower weight and volume. 

These batteries are smart and can be customized to make right fit solutions for applications in any low capacity required sites etc. Its feature and capability to do fast charging help in reducing DG run hours in off-grid and poor-grid scenarios plus there are so many more features.

Product Features

  • Plug and Play Installation

  • Compatible with standard cabinet solutions

  • Efficient Thermal Design

  • Wide Operating Temperature range from -20 to 60degC

  • Cycle Life >3000 @25degC

  • High Discharge Rate

  • Integrated BMS with smart solution

Product Features
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