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Indigenous BMS

In-house BMS Development

In-house BMS Development

Developed In-house BMS (Battery Management System) for HV, MV and LV applications which is Smart, Steady, Sturdy & Sophisticated in design, setting up an industry benchmark

Key Features:

  • Completely in-house & indigenously designed product

  • Three level architecture for better protection

  • Up to – 18nos. voltage & temperature sensors signal detection

  • High accuracy voltage & current assessment

  • Compact PCB design

  • Superior logics and algorithms for efficient control & operation

  • Low power consumption.

  • Intelligent battery balancing mechanism

  • Compatible with multiple interface unit (CAN 2.0, RS485 etc.)

  • Easily configured through a local computer

BMS Architecture


Master BCU Function:

  • Master BCU Communicates with UPS/PCS using MODBUS protocol RS485 & DI/DO 

BCU Functions:

  • BCU communicates with all battery modules ( BMU1….n)

  • BCU control  the charge/discharge  of battery rack using HVDC contactors

  • HV leakage protection

BMU Functions:

  • Measures the voltage, current & temperature of lithium cells in a battery module

  • Equalization of cell current 

 BMS Architecture
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